If you are working on your year end campaign, you are in the right place. Reach out to us to get a quote for your own digital look.

Apply our complex visual packages where playfulness, experience, and content work together to ensure that your offer is unique in either an in-person or online context.

Communication with augmented reality (AR) is one of the best solutions! 

Have you ever thought of using a virtual display for your products beyond the physical presentation of them? The solution is also available for you. We extend the reality in your business too. The Augmented Reality (AR) environment is at your service. Implementation: your products appear in their real and virtual realities, in the client's real environment. If it is hard to imagine at this point, contact us for further details.


  • Customized visual solutions

  • Design of a product presentation site

  • Increase of customer experience

  • Exhibition booth design including a 3D solution


  • Website/Webshop creation

  • Webshop development and operation

  • Pruduct presentation with an AR soution

  • Application development

  • Communication consultancy

  • Design and implementation of Corporate Identity 


  • Fast applicability in any environment 

  • Low customization cost

  • Easy to use

Advantages of 3d showroom

3d showroom

Many businesses are trying to sell their products, even through a webshop. The Checkpoint_3D showroom allows your customers to visualise themselves in your shop. 

experience taken home

The solution designed for our partner is easy-to-download, and allows the business’s customers to reproduce their showroom experience at home. The solution can be applied to a personal item, or even the new furniture of our home, or even the entire furnishings. All is needed is a smart phone or tablet. Of course, the device is an essential part of the visual experience, but these types of devices can be found in more and more families.


Have you ever wondered if your customers are leaving because they are tired of trying products at the premises? Though trying a wristwatch may not take a significant time, but it might take a lot when it comes to trying   bridal dresses. In addition, in case of clothing item, the potential customer may like to ask for the opinion of several people, which, when trying products at the shop, has its limitations for various reasons. Have you ever thought of these?