If you are working on your yearend campaign, you have arrived at the best place. Enhance your communication with augmented reality. 

Use our AR services with entertaining, engaging and content-rich experience to make your offer unique both in person and online.

Ask for our offer on your augmented business image.

Have you ever thought of using the power of virtual reality to display your real-world products? We can bring you this solution. Augment your business with our AR services. Let your products appear in the customer’s realistic environment in their real and virtual forms. If it is hard to imagine, contact us for more information.


  • Engaging visual solutions

  • Enriched point of sale

  • Increased customer experience

  • Dynamic exhibition booth design with 3D solutions


  • Website/Webshop design

  • Webshop development and operation

  • 3D/AR Product Demo

  • App development

  • Communication consultation

  • Corporate Identity design and development


  • Easy to apply in any environment

  • Low customizing costs

  • Quick to implement


3d showroom

Many businesses are trying to sell their products and many are using webshops. The Checkpoint_3D showroom allows your customers to visualize themselves in your shop.

experience taken home

The solution designed for our partner is an easy-to-download app, allowing customers to reproduce their showroom experience at home. It can be a personal item, a new piece of furniture or even entire furniture sets in our home. All you need is a smart phone or tablet. Though the device is an essential part of the visual experience, such devices can be found in most families.


Have you ever wondered if your customers are leaving because they are tired of trying products on in the shop? Though wristwatch trying may not take up a significant amount of time, the time might add up when it comes to trying on bridal dresses. Additionally when talking about clothing, the potential customer may like to ask for the opinion of several people, which has its limitations for various reasons when trying products at the shop. Have you ever thought of that?